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Letter 53: This is a Dose for You

Tighsolas, Thursday AM

Feb 29, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 24th and 25th received.

I wrote hurriedly about the Eastern Star. I am glad you are in favour of it. They have to get 35 names to become members before they can get a charter They intend holding their meetings in your lodge room.

Mrs. Len Barrie is a member of the Eastern Star in Boston, so only a member could get lodge here.

I will give her my name and ask about you. Dr. and Mrs. Skinner have given their names but it will take some time to get the charter.

They will join if they get it before they go. I will enquire about yearly fees. I did not ask Bella anything about it, likely she will.She was away in Coaticooke last night at the Rebecca's.

Had some meeting there. I did not mention any thing to the girls yet. I am sure Edith would like to join.

Well, Dan is not better. The Dr was in again. Said at first he thought it would be a slow run but found it was developing fast.

He told Han and she now has commenced to be extremely careful, boils every dish that comes out of his room.

But they did not tell Dan, so he does not know.

Clayton told MacDonald that Dan was pretty sick. He said has he got his business settled? That was the most important thing with them so the next day King came down got Rowatt. (Rowatt is a notary.)

Had Willie Ewing in. Had the will made. They never mentioned it to any of us and we would never have known, only Clayton happened to go in and heard some one talking up stairs.

Asked Han who was up there so she said Rowatt and W. Ewing and King so he went right out.

Don't you think they might have mentioned it to Clayton or some of us?

Bella spoke to Mr. Carmichael about him taking communion so last night he asked me to go over at 7 o'clock. So he gave him the communion.

Han did, also Mr. Miller and Mr. Farquharson, Mr. King Sarah and myself all took it with him.

He was quite excited and regretted that he put off so long and of course has hope that he will be spared to go about again.

Han seemed to think I might tell him that his case was hopeless.

But the Lord will prepare him and he will never know it from me.

Of course, he wants her around him. She said if she was only strong but "I have a weak side having had pneumonia".

She still sleeps with him but makes a fuss. Said she would sit up or sleep anywhere.

I suggested that she put a linen on the floor as we had when you had typhoid fever. (Norman had typhoid in 1896, the year he built Tighsolas.)In talking I made the remark that people were not so frightened about it in olden times, then when I came home she said to Sarah that I hurt her feelings and that I had no sympathy for her.

The next time I went over I just told her I just merely made that remark and that she was certainly looking for something to find fault with. I also told her I could not tell him and asked if I had not suggested that she sleep some where else.

She said "Yes, you did, but it was the way you said it." That was before the will was made: she seems all right now.

Dan told me about Sis, one day. Han was out. It was quite different from Han's story. Dan may have had his faults, but he was truthful. So we don't know anything about how things were written in the will.

Don't you think King might have mentioned to Clayton? He went up there for tea. Poor Dan was not happy for some time really.

Sarah has been at Dan's at night since so I went back to the Skinnner's but when she goes I supposed I will be expected to go there.

I will be all right. No one can do anything for him but Han if she only keeps well. We will all try and do all we can for him he only sits up in bed for a little while.

Dr. said he would come in ten days for his last call. Dr. Moffat goes to Montreal to study for a month. His sale was a great success. He laughs at how the things went. Presby meeting here on the 5th, then we will learn just when Mr. Carmichael goes; we are going to have a farewell social for him and Dr. Moffatt together, no date fixed yet.

I had a card from John McLeod. Mrs. McLeod is feeling better. He will be in on the 5th.

I had a long letter from Flora last week, one from Edith Saturday, they are all well. I have nothing from Herb since I wrote.

We had the greatest storm of the season Tuesday. Last night Mr. Montgomery came and shoveled both my walks. Said he never saw it so bad. Then the plough came and filled it in again.

Dr. Skinner came and shoveled it so I am all right with such good neighbors! and I hope you will keep well.

Is there any word of you getting promoted?

If they did perhaps you could come home at Easter.

Marion is pretty busy, she always says. Edith does most of the writing to me.

I think I will have enough of wood. The days will be getting warmer soon. I saw the Hon Graham's election, good majority too.

I think I told you the Crombie deal was off. They have settled down to work again. This land deal that you saw is Colonel Bernard's farm. Seems Willie Ewing put that sale through. I don't know what is going to amount to.

Dr. Skinner has advertised in the paper that his house is for sale.

Mr. Messier is talking of buying it for his mother and sisters.

The Church union voting is slow; we have not heard anything yet of how it goes.

Dr. Kellock has been over twice to see Dan . I met him there. He seemed all right but is quite deaf and asks the same questions two or three times. But he always did that since we knew him.

Well, this is a dose for you. You will be tired reading it. I have to write Edith so must stop hope to hear soon.With much love Margaret

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