Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 56: Questioning Myself

Silver Plate Hotel
Govan Sask
March 3rd, 1912

Dear Father,

Your letter of some time ago received and was very pleased to hear from you. The weather has moderated considerably which makes my work more pleasant.

It was pretty cold for about a month and more than once I was questioning myself if the bank was not a better job.

I think I did pretty well on the collection and our business and now they put me on the sales department which in not my snap and I will have to work hard to make good.

You know, my experience with machinery and especially farm implements is rather limited.

Have not made any big sales yet but have been working hard.

When you don't know what you are talking about and yet up against experienced opposition with a deal for sale a 10 furrow equipage gang plow which costs about $1000.00 you can be sure it makes you do some thinking.

I may leave these people and go out for the Dehaval cream separation people. Think I can get more money and more expenses and if I can I will certainly go.

I hope the cement work will commence soon with you so that your position will be better again.

No, I do not want you to think of paying that insurance of mine but want to thank you just the same for offering or considering same and what is more I am going to write Geo Alexander and tell him that any business he and I have are to be kept between ourselves.

Now don't you think that because I feel that way towards George that I do not appreciate your feelings, you know I wrote him and told him that I did not want the insurance and expected that would be sufficient..

I hope you are keeping well. I was more than pleased to get a photograph of mother the other day and see that she is looking so well and younger than ever. I was showing it to some of the boys and at first they did not hardly believe it.

I wrote Mother and told her about this so she will probably be telling you. Now as I have not any more news I will have to close for this time.

Your son Herb,

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