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Letter112: Good Men are Scarce

July 8th 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 30th was received a few days since I delayed writing as I was waiting to hear from Herb after the terrible cyclone in Regina. I thought had he been there that he would have written.

My last letter was in Montreal so I trust he is well. I also thought your coat would be here, but not yet, I hope you do not need it this weather it has been very hot for a week. Still the nights have not been too bad at least we manage to sleep. I got up at 4 30 this morning to get a little cool breeze. It was nice but we are going to have another hot day.

Marion I told you arrived with Thorburn (Cleveland.Both the Thorborns and the Clevelands are old Richmond families) and we are all well just trying to keep cool and cook enough to keep us going I got a bag of flour from McKee last week to make the bread and it is very good., They all enjoying it. Thorburn picked enough berries for our tea twice.

I had a letter from Cousin Norman he said he thought I needed two husbands one to stay at home! I also had one from Mr. McKay yesterday wrote after hearing of mother's dath he thought a great deal of her. She was the last of the generation.

Mr. JR McLeod referred to that spoke very nicely of the new life instead of the death. I heard our new minister yesterday he is very nice and he would call this week. The Presbyterians workers are cleaning the manse and doing some papering before he brings his bride the 1 st of September. We are having services with the congregationals for the two months. Mr. Craik gives this week.

Mr. Pope bought the Rowatt house just the house, but I did not hear the price. Mrs. Ginn is having her sale on the 18th. Mr. Stillen has sold his farm for ten thousand, he's looking at the Ginn house with a view to buy.If she does not sell she is going to rent to Bob Hall so that leaves Rothney to us if you thought of making a change. You would need to come home.

I will tell Mr. Duboyce that our house is for sale.

Mr. Montgomery has had a letter from Dr. Moffatt said he liked the change said he had one patient. Quite a change for him.

I have not much faith in the Drs here. I only hope we won't need to call them.

Sorry you have to work so hard this hot weather. It must be rather tiresome standing so long. 9:30: pretty long day.

McMorine's pipes have stopped running and he has just been up at the fence have found a leak, glad it was there. The man that has cut the lawn his name is Blanchet. French. He does all right but a week ago he and a party went to W Brompton Lake so for then days it not been cut and said he would be back in time to cut it. It has been so dry that is all right.

Mr. Crombie is expected home any day his brother George is here now on a visit. I will mail your papers this week.

I called Bella up one day to see if she had been out to Flodden to see the grave. Shee said no but did not ask me to come up or say anything about the will and I have not heard a word yet. I guess they intend to keep everything.

I will write as soon as I hear from Herb.

I will enclose statement I got last week from the bank with much love and take care of yourself.

You know good men are scarce.

We are all very well. Just trying to keep cool and sewing when it is not too hot.

Your loving wife

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