Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter111: Near the Grand Trunk Railway

Richmond Quebec
June 23rd, 1912
Dear Father,

I received your letter last night and am trying to be good and answer it right off. Thanks ever so much for the money; you will be spoiling me if not already with money.

I am quite wealthy, you see I got back my caution money deposit. It does seem rather queer to think that I am through school. I managed to scrape through this time and get my diploma. I didn't do brilliantly by any means but I wasn't among the last ones which consoles me.

I have been accepted in the city and I got my engagement, that I had to sign yesterday. I am to have a first year class in the William Lunn school at regular salary $500. Per year. I don't know just exactly where it is but I have an idea that it is down somewhere near the GTR station. So if that is really where it is will be quite central.

All the city schools open on Tuesday the third of September, Aunt Hann came down yesterday and is staying with us. Mrs. Ginn took mother and her up to the cemetery this afternoon. It will be a nice drive as it is a beautiful day and not raining for a wonder.

You are not safe to go very far these days without your umbrella. Are you having rainy weather where you are? Now I must stop as perhaps mother would like to put a note in this.

Lovingly, Flora,

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