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Letter108: Made a Great Deal of Money Out West

June 13, 1912

Dear Father,

You will be pleased to hear that Flora passed; came in 64 out of 92. I think she did very well considering how nervous she always is during exams.. Mother went on Monday morning to Dr. Cleveland's. She went out to Macdonald Wednesday evening, so Flora telephoned me last night to say she had got through.

I am staying alone and don't mind it at all; it is a good rest. After my busy winter. Stella sleeps with me. The Crombies are moving in today. It has rained every day since I came home, I think and so cold and damp. I wonder if you are having the same kind of weather. One week before I came Mrs. Matheson of Vancouver called me up. She her husband and little girl were staying in Montreal for a week. They got my address from Lizzie Duncan. So Marion and May and I myself were down to see them. I liked her very much. She reminded me of you a good deal. She has white hair like yours and rosy cheeks. A very fine looking woman. They are going over to Scotland this fall. They rented their house in Vancouver for a year. So will have a nice trip. Evidently they have made a good deal of money in the west.

I resigned from the Institute. In fact, the four lady teachers all did, but Miss Vipond was persuaded by Dr. Villard to withdraw her resignation. And being a Methodist, it was not hard for her to change her mind. I hope that will be my last of the Methodists. If there was any doubt as to my being a weak Presbyterian before going there, there is none now.

Mrs. Skinner wants M and I to go out there for two months this summer and see how we would like the country. You can get a return ticket for $41.25. We are talking it over have not decided anything yet.

Tomorrow, our minister is to be inducted. I made some jellies today. They turned out very well. They asked me to help in the choir. So our family will be represented by one member. Will tell you about the affair later on . Mr. Montgomery got his new auto last week; a great improvement on the cost(?). But this has been such dreadful weather that he has had little use.

I hope Mother makes a good visit in town as I am getting along splendidly Rather enjoy running things myself. The lawn and everything looks fine. We have a very good garden this year. We had a very hard frost on Sunday night our beans and potatoes were frozen. They say it won't hurt the potatoes but I shall have to plant the beans over I am afraid.

Charlie Sloane died in Springfield today. Mrs. Louks was buried yesterday. A young English man working for Mrs. Gibson committed suicide by jumping into Salmon Creek. It seems to be nothing but funerals.

George Delisle died Sunday and was buried on Tuesday afternoon. A very large funeral. The McMorine store was closed for two days. They say he had failed greatly. Poor fellow, he did not last very long. I did not know he was sick until I came home.

I hope you will have no difficulty in reading this letter.

Hope you are keeping well.

When are you coming home.

Your loving daughter

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