Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 45 A: No chance to get stale

Jan 7, 1912
Macdonald College
Ste-Anne de Bellevue

Dear Father,

I am trying to keep to my promise and write to you first. I arrived here safely Wednesday night, Where did you and the girls go after you left me? Did you go up town and have supper?

Mabel came back Saturday night about 5.30 pm. I wasn’t expecting her until the evening so she gave me quite a surprise. One of the girls, Helen Buzzell, stayed with me nights. (* Helen is the artist who drew Mac Girl on the web site. )

Her roommate was away also but is coming back tonight. A great many of the girls are not back yet unless they come to-night. I don’t know what excuses they are going to give but I guess they can make up something.

It was really no use in coming Wednesday for we have not done a thing but I suppose they are so fond of our company they they couldn’t possibly get along any longer without us.
One of the girls, Gladys Lefevre, sister of a Miss Lefevre that taught at the college, had a feed this afternoon and invited us down. We had a great time. There were eleven of them so it made quite a nice little party. My cake was pretty well squished when I got here but it didn’t spoil the taste of it.

All our good things are finished, it doesn’t take long in a place like this for things to disappear. Nothing ever has a chance to get stale. I noticed in heading the letter that tomorrow will be the eighth, your birthday. I only wish I could send you some little remembrance but perhaps this letter will express my wishes for many happy returns of the 8th.

Lovingly, Flora


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