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Letter 99: A Picture of the Mind

May 24 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 16th also of the 19th received glad to hear you are well but I really think the nights are too cold to sleep in a tent.

It has been raining here most of the day, had thunder and lightning early this morning and again about 7 this evening. Ass I did not go down for the mail thought I would write you. Just now the fire alarm has blown but I cannot see any fire; may be another false alarm.

The minister that we had given a call to is McMillan. He comes from Dalhousie Mills. I did not hear him but I signed the call as they asked me to.

Lennie McRae had it on the store and was anxious to get as many names as possible on it. I said I did not want to as I had not heard him. Yes, I heard the Kingsbury man, he is very good. They are very well pleased.

Mrs. McNaughton will remain in Rd and keep house for Stewart. Aunt Christie has not come down yet. Edith did not come out yet. The Cleveland's wanted her to stay over Sunday so I wrote her that there was nothing to hurry her home only that I wanted her here Tuesday as I had a notice from J R McLeod that the Presbytery meet here then and he will likely stay with me.

Flora's school closes on the 13th she said she would like me to come in then.

Well, I am getting through with the money. I had the lawn cut once - I think I told you about the garden. The lawn mower they say is all out of repair so I had Mr. Montgomery look at it. He thought I aught to get new cog wheels so I sent to Sherbrooke for them by Jack Pepler and when they came Mr. M. said he would fix it up for me said he got some for his.

He sent his horse into Montreal for sale yesterday and he went in this morning. He brought the wagon back put it in the barn said it was a good one and he would keep it in mind that it was for sale. You will have my letter by this time and all the election news.

They say McIver lost his deposit. They better keep quiet, Peter feels so elated he is to be married soon. And you would hear that I had a letter from Herb. Well, it is just as well that you had written before you got my letter. I hope he will write you. I have not written him yet. E. will be here Tuesday or Monday night so we will see about my things.

I have not gone to church, only when I could wear my heavy coat.

Grandma was quite sick Monday but since she has been better.

Bella has a servant, a high priced one and a nurse but they told me she was not well so I went up to stay all night, not very pleasant. Clayton does not come into the room when I am there, but Grandma asks for Clayton to help her up, quite a change. She was telling me that he made her a cup of tea one morning. Oh it is not worth writing about.

I was over to see Mrs. Skinner yesterday. They all had colds but she goes to Montreal tomorrow and Mr. W Skinner.

Miss Skinner, his sister, goes Tuesday. Mr. Robert Skinner went out a month ago so there will just Mrs. S and May. Mr. S will come back in two months.

Mrs. Montgomery heard from Dr. Moffatt that he had passed his exams in BC. 25th.

I went down to see Mrs. Skinner off.

On my way home I got your letter with Hann's letter and she does write such a nasty letter. Just showed what she is. She might know very well that she will get her pay. Letters are only a picture of the mind and hers is a pretty mean one. Don't let it worry you, but I tell you try and pay her; send me a cheque all you can spare and I will get the rest from the girls. Marion spoke of paying that note. Now just send it to me I would not say much to Herb. He told me in his letter. He hoped to pay all he owed and there is a danger of discouraging him so don't say much and don't sent him that letter on any account he would feel bad for you to see it.

I suppose the one she wrote was as hard.

I am just sick of her but we cannot afford to quarrel just yet. Now is there not some money in the Post Office saving bank in my book and Flora's. Between us we will make it yet or have you any in the bank here. I say we will pay it and what money I was to buy a suit with will go towards it and I will wear my blue suit for now I don't need to mourn for the poor fellow that left, his life was not very happy.

Also I will also get what I would spend going to Macdonald- for Marion will be there and there is really no need for me to go and a penny saved is a penny gained. Now, don't worry Herb. Will be all right yet. Just send what you can and I will get the rest. Herb said he was in line for position at 100 per month said it was hard for him to get a start so just have patience write at once

with love

Your loving Wife
Margaret Nicholson

Just say to Herb that Han has written you about all the notes can he help a little with him at once.

PS. When I gave Han that letter you left I told her Herb's note would be all right and yours--only just give me time. You see how much confidence she has in us. So I would just like to pay her and she told you she did not want Dan to give the money and that I __- well I did and Dan did not hesitate to give it.

I really think she wants her money then have nothing more to do with us. I only wish we could pay her but I don't she she will hurry for she sees the house.


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