Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 97: What a name he will have!

Residency 22,

May 21, 1912

Dear Margaret,

I am writing you this letter and enclosing you one that I received from Han last evening which will speak for itself.

Since receiving it last evening it has bothered me a lot as I cannot help thinking of Herbert being so beside himself as not to answer Han's letter at least.

Just think of him being in the West two years nearly and hasn't made money enough to pay this note.

And besides, what a name he will have in not paying his debts.

I did not sleep one hour last night after receiving this letter. I wrote Han today telling her not to take judgment without letting me know as I would write Herb and I would see that she was secured until it was paid.

Now I do not know what is best to say to Herb. Can you advise me in this would it be best to send him her letter or write him telling him what she is going to do if this is not paid.

Return me the letter in your first letter.

I had letter from Flora today saying she was well and said they would be leaving school in about a month. Said she hadn't heard from you for a week and was afraid you might be sick. Said Edith was coming out to see her on the 24th if she didn't go home direct from school when it closed.

Write me on receipt of this I want to write Herb.

Now as I have no news to write and cannot think much today, I will close trusting you are well. And that you will soon have company with you at home,

with much love your affectionate husband N. Nicholson

PS will write Sunday.

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