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Letter 92: He had better keep his mouth shut

Richmond, May 17, 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 12th just received. It was such a wet eve I did not go down last night so Stella brought it up at noon also one from Herb. They both came to the office the 16th.

Herb is very well, says he knew he was owing one letter but thought it not too long since he had written. Thinks I should not worry. I had written two letters that he received. He also had one from Edith. In regard to your letter he said he didn't feel like giving any advice to your questions as he felt that as he the had not made much of a success of his business. Still he said "Don't think that I am discouraged," said he felt very hopeful, he did not say what it was you asked. But I supposed it was the insurance. So do as you think best about it: he does not want to advise.

I met George one day:he asked me if I had heard anything more from you in regard to it. Herb had my letter telling him you were reinstalled in salary. Said he felt so pleased and felt a load lifted off his shoulders. He hoped you would be very careful around the works.. I hope he will write you.

In regard to Gilbert,(Gilbert Nicholson, Norman's brother who moved to Saskatchewan) I heard through the Stevens that they were all well and were building a house, so they must be doing well.

Aunt Christie has not come down yet I cannot go to stay while Mother is so ill they have at last got a nurse. Clayton has been still talking and saying I have as good a right to take care of her as Bella. I told Bella the other day that he better keep his mouth shut or he would have to take things back and she answered, "What did he have to take back?" I said things that he cannot prove. Still I go up to see Mother.

McKenzie got 111 majority in Lower Melbourne. You will have all the news. 14 hundred majority for Peter (Mackenzie, MNA for Richmond Wolfe and Finance Minister).

McMorine was asking some time ago. if you were coming. He said to tell you it would not be wise as some of 'the gang' were asking if you were. Very good of him to tell me, although I knew you were not. The afternoon of the election, Mr. Montgomery came over to see if he could take the wagon so I went out it took some time to get things moved that we could get it out but we managed it and he took McKenzie up to the poll in Upper Melbourne so I was glad to do that much to help things out. When he came back he put it into his barn as his auto has not arrived yet.

I told him to try and sell it for me.

Earnest Hall is talking of buying his horse, they are going to move up very soon now. Mrs. Skinner came to Melbourne Wednesday. She goes west the 28th I was speaking over the phone; she is going to bring the baby over. I've have had it quite cold here once the last few days raining. Still Wednesday was bright, real Liberal weather.

Today is cold and dreary. I got my double windows off and my garden all planted with the exception of the corn.

Montgomery had a man working but on Monday and Tuesday he went electioning to Durham so I got only work nicely done before the rain. I want to get the lawn cut. Tomorrow or it will be too high for a good job. I am not doing much of the house cleaning, will brush up before Edith comes. Now don't worry any about Herb. I will write him in a day or two. He might write you but you know just how he feels. Says until he can pay back what he owes.

Thinks his advice should not be considered. When you write him, don't say that I mentioned it. I wrote you Sunday. You will have this before. Will write when Edith comes.

Your loving wife,

Margaret Nicholson

Sent papers last week

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