Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 91: I have been having nice dreams

1095 Greene Avenue
Westmount Que

May 13, 1912

Dear Mother,

No doubt you are wondering why I have not written long ere this, but I know that Marion and Flora had both written you last week.

We enjoyed having Flora in for the week end. She looks very well.

I went out to St Anne's on Saturday on the 1.30 and came back on the 8.30. Marion Watters and friends of hers was out . We had a nice time.Flora is working very hard as they were having some of their exams. This week Marion is staying at Dr. C's. I was up there on Thursday for tea. He was doing a little work for me, filling one . And then is going to clean them up. Said he was going to put in a good word for M and I in Boston.

My examinations are on and I am very very busy every minute of my spare time. Flora wants you to come in one day or so before the end and stay at the college with her. She says I will be all right and then she will have time to show you all the sights.

You had better try and get Lena so that you can get something made as soon as I go home. Marion was saying that you were willing to change for a black silk and I think it would be very nice. But don't get a "chanling?" They are not fashionable enough. If you are going to do so write her and I will bring out any thing you need.

Then there is Flora's graduation dress. I am taking Mrs. Skinner to the theatre tonight. I hope this play will be good. The Stock Company you saw last year. But Beatrice Nicols is not with them.

I had a letter from Father. How are the elections going? Saw a piece in the paper, Record, about the meeting at Danville. You will miss Dr. Skinner and the election news. Mrs. K expects to go out Wednesday morning. I will try and write you again this week.

Will look for our letter,

Love to all

Your loving Edith

PS. Don't worry about Herb. I have been having fine dreams and am sure he is well

Mother Margaret often mentioned her dreams, in a way that suggested she understood they contained messages. Obviously Edith feels this way, too. Or she is saying this merely to comfort her Mom. No question, brother Herb was OK, he just made everyone else's life miserable.

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