Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 89: Stiffing everyone he meets

Kingsbury May 12, 1912

Dear Maggie

You will wonder at this but after I arrived down at McNaughton's; they told me what Anabella said she did not believe one word I said; that she believed C. Hill just as soon as Mrs. Dan so they must have denied getting any money from the will.

I was so angry I did not say very much but told them enough.

I was telling William when I came home and he said if he had anything to do with it he would publish Dan's will in the paper.

If it was only 50 dollars to let the public see what a fraud he is, he likely has stiffed everyone he meets; that is the only way that Dan's wife can be cleared.

Tell Mr. King to do it; we do not want our name in it but settle him anyway when you call us up on the phone any time, call Valle he is near and others are not likely to hear anything

Yours Sincerely

A Nielson.

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