Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 88:Not a Success at Business

The New King's Hotel,

Elbow Saskatchewan

May 12, 1912

Dear Mother

Your letter received Friday and very glad to get it. Now, while I owe you a letter it is not a month since I wrote and am sure not more than two weeks.

That Mr. Edwards who called you up is a man that at one time lived in or near Danville. Is a big farmer out here, also a Justice of the Peace and in the Real Estate Business. Was down east being one of a delegation to see Premier Borden about getting more money from the government for horses that were shot with Glanders so you will see that he is quite an influential citizen.

Very sorry to hear of the trouble since Uncle Dan's death.

I would let them have their way and not have anything to do with any of them except Grandmother and Aunt Han.

You know, poor Grandma is not a bit to blame as she is getting old and cannot understand things as she used to. She has certainly had her troubles.

Now Mother don't ask me not to forget you as it only makes me feel bad. I can tell you that I know when I should write and when I cannot arrange to do it.

There is no person who it can worry more than me.

You know I should have written Father but I do not know what to tell him about some questions he asked me. You know when a person cannot make a success of their own business they are not likely very able to give you advice.

Need you know that is the way I feel about advising Father who has had much more experience than I have had and you know I am getting old myself and am commencing to feel that I have not made very much of a success with my life. Although I am very hopeful I cannot seem to be able to get a start and until I can at least pay back what I owe.

I do not consider that my advice should be considered.

Do not want you to think that I feel discouraged for I do not feel good and have lines on a $100. dollar per month position and expenses out of which I can make more and should.

If I am able to land the job I will then be able to hand out a few suggestions.

Have felt that a load has been lifted off my own shoulders when I read that Father has been reinstated in salary. Hope he will keep well and be careful around the works.

Now, I have not any news so will close for this time. Glad to get a letter from Edith the same day I got yours and find that she and you as well as the others are all well.

Your loving son Herb

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