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Letter 87: Haven't Heard from Herb


May 12 1912

Dear Norman

Your letter of the 5th also of the 8th received. They seem to have got here without much delay; makes me think that you are not so very far away.

Thanks very much for the enclosed bill. It comes in all right at this time as there is more to pay out. I had the lawn rolled, cost me 80 cts, had the garden spaded, cost 1.00. Then the same man is to take off my double windows tomorrow. He has been working for Montgomery. I will get him to help with the potatoes. He is quite smart.

I think I told you poor Miss Wilson was very low, she passed away Thursday afternoon, buried Saturday afternoon, Dr. Kellock took the service assisted by Mr. Craik and Hepburn at the house thence to the congregational cemetery.

Also John McNaughton is at rest. He died Friday morning at 7 o'clock, was buried today funeral leaving the house at 11 o clock, service in the Flodden Church. They had their own minister come down here and go out to Flodden. The bearers were all from Kingsbury. William Marquis Crombie came down. Rindle Jewison, Alex Watters.

Annie Neilson (Margaret's cousin) has been down since Wednesday. Has stayed with me at nights and is coming tonight. Aunt Han came down Friday morning called me up by phone form McRae's. Said if I was going to be at home she would come and stay all night. I said "Yes, I will be quite delighted to have you." She came for tea stay until Saturday at five o'clock.

Her mother came down for her, is not feeling well said she would be down again soon and that she wanted me to go up to the grave with her. She did not go near Bella's and won't.

Mother does not gain. Some days she seems stronger, then again she will seem to go back. I told Bella to get some one to take care of her. I had a letter from Marion. She said she had your letter. Aunt Christie told me she had a letter from you and that she was coming down but Christina was sick

They are just getting signatures for the call to the Rev McMillan. Dr. Kelloch preached this Am and tonight the church is closed and I think I will go to the Methodist. It has been raining more or less all day and quite windy.

I don't hear much election news but see the Con's talking in groups on the street. Montgomery is going to Durham to help (campaigning for MacKenzie) for two days.

I have not heard anything more about the Eastern Star; it seems to take time. I have not any letter from Herb. I had often written him twice before but he going to a new place makes me more anxious.

Flora says her exams are to commence tomorrow. Now I was glad to hear so often but why are you worry about me. I will write often only take good care of yourself and let me hear often. I'm fine, I have no reason to complain.

With much love


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