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Letter 85: Grandma does not improve

Richmond May 9 1912

Dear Norman

Yours of the 2nd received last evening the 8th. It was quite a long time on the way could not tell on the envelope where the delay was. But it looks like May 5th at Cochran must be a miserable post office. I received the express parcel all in good condition and prepaid and will look after them. Flora was in the city with the girls last Sunday; they are all well. I will send them your address.

Grandma does not improve very much, is not really suffering but thinks she is so very bad. Wonderfully strong at times. Florence is able to be up and feeling well.

Last Tuesday I went up to Kingsbury for the induction of their minister and stayed all might at Williams' then Uncle Alex drove me down in the morning, so I was only away from Richmond twenty hours. Did not tell mother I was going as I would be back so soon, but Bella found it out and told her so.

Clayton is telling people how little I do and that I have just as much right to take care of her as Bella. Well, they have the money but they are trying to hurt me in every way they can.

The elections seems quiet. RC Larch spoke here yesterday. I did not go as I did not have any one to go with. Mr. Montgomery says he thinks there is no danger, that McKenzie will get in.

I met Dyson yesterday. I told him if he knew any one looking for a house that ours would be for sale this fall. He said the new notary was thinking of buying and was renting the Sutherland house with the option of buying.

The plaster is all falling in the Skinner house upstairs and down all over. Just crumbles. Ross said it was poor plaster, nothing but sand. I said not any in our house yet. Keenan did not look at the wagon yet. I was telling Mr. Montgomery about it and he looked at it and was going to take it out one day as he has no wagon and wanted to exercise his horse. He said it was a grand one and would sell all right.

Mr. John Bedard was buried Tuesday morning. Died Friday of pneumonia. Was only about four days ill. A very large funeral, the flag at half mast in the post office and town Hall. Miss Barbara Wilson is very low today.

I have not heard from Herb. I am looking for a letter every day. George (Alexander, insurance salesman)has not said any thing to me lately. I am getting Montgomery's man to spade my garden in the evening and take off my windows. John McNaughton is no better, is in bed all the time. Annie Wilson is down helping to take care of him.

Now I hope you will keep well and take good care of yourself and try and keep out of the dangerous places. It will be nice if he gives you the extra so you could afford to come home oftener. They are all asking if you are coming home for the elections. I said no, not this time, he is too far away. My cold is quite better. Aunt Christie said to tell you she was glad to get your letter and will write when I give her your add. Christina was sick or she would have been down to stay before this. Now as I want to mail this on the 4 pm train will stop. I will start another letter soon if I do not hear as they seem to travel slow.

Now with much love

Your wife


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