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Letter 82: Quite a Place!

Hearst May 2, 1912
Dear Margaret,
I am writing to say I arrived here last evening at 6 pm. Left Cochran at 8 am so you see we do not travel very swift in this line up here. It's 132 miles west of Cochrane. I just came in from visiting the town. It's a new place just started up last fall but there are quite a lot of houses built in the short time of its existence; our Residency is about one mile from the town at where they are going to build the roundhouse. It's not so convenient as Cochrane but it seems to be quite a place for its age and it's to be a divisional point with quite a lot of RY buildings in erection.

Roundhouse station freight shed, bunk house for the men, section houses and a large ice house to supply the trains with ice. So you can see that at some time later they expect it to be quite important. The Algoma Central RY is building a road in here from the Soo.

I will write more particulars later when I have sized the place up more thoroughly. There is snow here still in the bush but the grade is quite clear of snow; there won't be much doing here for a couple of weeks as the frost is not out of the ground yet so they cannot excavate for foundations. But I am not worrying as the pay is going on. I saw Mr. Balcan this morning and asked him for 125. a month, as I had learned some inspectors were getting that. He said at present it would be impossible for him to pay more than 100 dollars but a little later he would try and get it for me. I think I will get it later as I find him a man of his word. I like him as he is a home spun man that hasn't got a swelled head like some of the upstarts we have on the road.

I trust that you are quite better with your cold and that Grandma and Florence are better. It will take longer for letters to come to me that at Cochrane but I hope to hear from you often as possible, should you want me at anytime by wire me a Cochrane in care of H M Balkam. As it will have to come over phone from there as there are no telegraph here, it's private line from Cochrane here. My address here is Residency 22, Div 7, District D. NTR Cochrane out.

Let me know if Keenan looked at the buggy and also if you got your black dress. Did you have money enough to get it? How is the weather at home? Now do you try to do too much work about the yard and garden get some one to do it for you. And you do the bossing. I will send you another check next letter after hearing from you from here. It's fine and warm here today and looks as we would have summer soon. I expressed my fur coat and overshoes home from Cochrane as I had no way of carrying them here hope you got them all right. Let me know when you write. I paid charges on them.

Haven't heard from Herb yet, have you. The missing letter hasn't turned up yet. Will close for this time. With much love from your affectionate husband, N. Nicholson.

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