Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter 81: Your Appetite has to be Pretty Good

Richmond Tighsolas May 1, 1912

Dear Norman, Your letter of the twenty seventh received. Now I am sorry that you worried any about my cold for it did not amount to anything only I stayed in for two days and that was a rest from sitting up with sick people.

I have been three days and most of the nights at Bella's, but today they were going out for Mrs. Stevens and I won't go near.

They say Maggie has nothing to do; she might sit up. I am not going to do much more of it, for I don't think they will pay me and they can get some one with all her money. They have it all. You know your appetite has to be pretty good to be able to eat there. Now I am sorry you are leaving Cochrane as you get mail so regular but it may be all right - up there and distance of a hundred miles does not matter better than ahead of the steel anyway. (Ahead of steel is usually called 'end of steel' by Norman. It means he's posted in an area preparing the ground for the railroad ties and rails.)

So just take good care of yourself and I will be all right. And happy. I have lots of good friends here. Aunt Christie was down Monday, is coming to stay after next Tuesday.

They are inducting the new Minister. On that day Christina is coming down for me unless Grandma is much worse than she is now. Grandman is very hard to take care of: is not sitting in her chair half of the time and has to be helped out although she is wonderfully strong, can walk with help.

I had a letter from Flora last night; she is well. I will write you again in my usual day tomorrow to Cochrane until I hear from you. With lots of love Your Margaret. Thanks very much for cheque will wait until Edith comes to see about suit.

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