Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter 79: Maybe the weather will thaw them

Dear Mother,

Received your letter Friday morning with pocket enclosed, was glad to get it – will sew it in right off. It will make my waist look ever so much better.

I will enclose the button you asked for in the letter.

I had a dandy time at the dance Friday night. I was sorry Marion W. could not came but nevertheless I had a fine time.

Ross (Cleveland)couldn’t come was very busy studying for his exams which he will be doing very soon.

I met one of Ross’s friends out here Friday night at the dance. He was Alice O’Brien’s guest. He said he knew the girls had often met them at Dr. Cleveland’s and would know me anywhere by them.

Just think of the compliment. I felt quite honored. I only wish it were really so and I wouldn’t call the King my Uncle, as you say.

Our play on Saturday came off fine and it was a great success. Miss Sinclair invited all the actors over to her apartment after the play and we had a fine time, singing songs etc and of course we all enjoyed the nice refreshments. This noon we all dressed up in our costumes and had our pictures taken in the gym. I only hope they will turn out good.

I saw by the Record in Marion Kerr’s room that Florence Peppler has typhoid. Is it really so? I hope not.

So the Hills at Hillcrest on College Hill are as cold as ever. Well, never mind, we haven’t lost much. Perhaps the warm weather will thaw them out.

Had a letter from Father Friday. He is well, says it has been quite cold at Cochrane.

How is your cold? Take good care of yourself and take things easy.

The Hills can afford to get a nurse to take care of Grandma so don’t tire yourself all out. Working for them. I hope you will take the good advice Aunt Han gave you.

We are having a hygiene exam well so must go now and study so good night dear Mother,


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