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Letter 78: The Girls Must Come With Us

Second Edition

April 28, 1912,

Dear M.

I received our letter of the 24 and was glad to hear from you. Somewhat alarmed to hear you had a cold and not able to go out.

I am afraid you are worse than you say. After reading your letter I felt as if I should start right home, but after having a good cry I felt somewhat relieved and am trusting that you will be better by the time this reaches you.

I received the papers you sent with the letter. I note the death of Mrs. Allard and Irwin Armstrong in them. Poor Mr. Stinson has gone before his wife,although she has been sick for some time.

I am ready to go West at any time if I could sell the house. Just keep your eyes open and if you hear of any one that wants to buy let me know and I will write them.

Should I get a chance to sell the house and we go West, the girls must go with us.

I have been worrying a lot about Herb; he is a mystery to me. You cannot get a letter from him. I have been waiting to hear about his insurance since I came back from home.

Now I know that he is not so busy that he couldn’t write a short note once in a while. I trust that he hasn’t got into any bad habits which makes him forget about home.

I wonder if the girls are writing him.

I am enclosing you my cheque for 15.00 to buy your black suit. I do not know how much it costs but if this is not enough let me know in your next letter. ( A suit was purchased in Montreal for 12.00 at that time.)

I leave here on Wednesday, so you may not get my letters as regular as when here. But I will write you often, if you are writing the girls you can say I will write them when I get settled.

So Han has got her back up at the Hills. From what you write me I am not surprised. I think she has been treated pretty shabby.

So poor Mr. Mc Naughton is not any better? When we were home he looked to me as if he was not long for this world. But he may live longer then some of the so-called well people.

Now as I think I have written you enough I will close trusting that you are well when this reaches you. Now, my sweet pet, take good care of yourself and I will be happy for without you I would be lost.

With lots of love your affectionate husband
N. Nicholson

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