Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter 77: Party TIme!

1095 Green Ave
Westmount, Quebec
April 26, 1912

Dear Mother.

I am so sorry to hear of you again taking care of the sick. Never mind just four weeks from tomorrow and I shall be home.

I resigned on Monday. We all did. I am wondering what Dr. Villard is thinking of. His Board should ask the reason for our resignation. They will have a hard time to get people just to step in and run everything.

Tuesday, Marion and I were out at Annie Telfer's. Romeo has been away for a few days but returned yesterday. He and Marion were out last night.

Have I written you to say I was at MacDonald on Saturday. Had a nice visit with Flora. Tomorrow night is her last dance of the season. She has invited Ross but I don't think he will be able to go. It is so near exams.

Mrs Ellis is giving a party for Miss Gluire tomorrow night as she is leaving for Ottawa. I am asked will have a chance to wear my little blue silk.

I have been so busy this week that I can't seem to remember anything at all. Have the Skinners come into town?

It is so cold these last few days I am wondering if I shall need one of my print dresses. I intended ironing them when I could be home at Easter.

I am writing Miss Maslie to tell her I have resigned. How I wish I could have a good talk with her over some things.

How is Florence getting along, also Grandma? So Evan McIver is going to run against Peter? I am wondering if it will be a hot election. Give me the news.

Wrote father after seeing Flora. I must say I don't care much for Mabel Shaw. I don't think Flora likes her very well either but the time will soon pass now.

Will look for your letters

Your Loving

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