Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter 76: Transferred to Hearst

Cochran Ont. April 27 1912

Dear Margaret,

I am writing this to let you know that I got orders yesterday that I was to go to Hearst, that is 130 miles west of here where they are going to build another roundhouse this summer.

That will be the next divisional west of here. I am to be reinstated in my old work as cement inspector. Will leave here either Monday or Wednesday of the next week which will be 28th.

I am kind of sorry to leave here as I have been here so long that it becomes second home to me in a way. But I am pleased to get my old salary back again. The only thing I regret that is that I cannot get home oftener to see you and see how you are getting along alone.

I had letter this week from Edith and Flora saying they were well. It won't be long now until Edith will be home with you for which I will be pleased.

Both Edith and Flora were giving me a spiel about what the Hills did in Grandma case. I had to laugh at Flora sayings. She said that money was the root of all evil quoting Mrs. Guinn saying then she said what a conglomeration of relations we have. Said we couldn't get along without our friends but she thought it would be better to be further away from our relations. And I do not know but she is right.

I haven't got the strayed letter yet. Hope it will turn up somewhere so I will get it this morning its cold and stormy here. Snowing with north wind.

Yesterday it was fine and warm with ground all thawed on the surface, rained in the afternoon and last night about nine o'clock over had lightening this morning cold and everything froze up.

I do not know how much of a place Hearst is. They seem to think its going to be quite a place. It's going to be a function where the algoma central crosses the NTR cannot tell you much about it so far will give you more particulars about it later. This algoma central starts at the Soo and goes north west to the Lakes. I think Lake Superior.

Edith said in her letter she was out to see Flora last Saturday which I was pleased to hear as Flora said in her letter that she expected both of them.

Edith thinks its fine out there said the grounds and walks were nice and dry.

She was giving the news of the service held in the American Presbyterian Church eulogizing Hays loss to the Church and City. I have seen so much about the accident in the papers that I got sick reading it - there are so many conflicting statements that it's hard to believe any of them.

Now I do not want you to answer this letter until I send you my new address which I will as soon as I get - then I will also give you my address to wire to should anything happen that you should want me home.

I trust you are keeping well and hope Florence and grandma are better by this time.

Haven't heard from Herb since writing last.

With much love from your affectionate husband

N. Nicholson

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