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Letter 75: Heart-Rending Titanic Stories

Richmond April 24, 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 14th received the usual time. Glad to hear you are well.

You are having cold weather there we are having it cold and damp here. I have had to make fires every day since you left so there is not many dry sticks left in the cellar, only a few that are so heavy I cannot drag or lift.

Dr. Moffat left this afternoon with his family. He came up to say good bye this morning at 8 o'clock. He was asking for you. He thinks we ought to get somewhere where we could be together! I said, "Do let us know if there are good chances out there." He said he would, that he promised you to. Said he would write when they got settled.

Mrs. Moffat came up last night. I intended going to the train to see them off. But I had a little cold and if I went out at all it was to go up to sit up with Mother. She is very nervous. She thinks every night is her last and that I should be there all the time.

Florence is getting better. I have not seen her for two days. Jack still in the city. He says he is getting rather tired of it. They will finish very soon now.

Han has neither rented nor sold yet. She is up at her brother's. She said she would be down this week and would come up.

Grandma asked me to ask Han to come and see her. I told Han. She said she will have to change her boarding place before. She will not go into that house when they ask again! I will tell them just what she said.

Mrs. Skinner is in Montreal. I don't know just how soon she thinks of going.

Well Nicholson is rather slow; he would wear well but I don't think they were taken with him. They liked a Mr. McMillan who was here the Sunday before. I don't really hear much about it.

The man who took Rowatt's place is a Methodist - not French.

Yes, the elections are on! I hear it is McIver who is to oppose McKenzie. They had a big L

iberal meeting here Monday, just organizing. I think Clayton does not have anything to say to me so we won't fight over politics. He better keep away from Kingsbury.

Mrs. Montgomery invited me to dinner Sunday so I went. Had a nice visit. Nathan and I talked politics. She comes in occasionally. Mrs. Montgomery has been papering, lots of house keeping going on.

The men are busy at the Crombie house said he did not expect to get in for quite a while as there was so much to do.

I told him 'you should have bought our house' it is better repair; he said he did not know it was for sale. I said I thought we would sell as I did not care to live alone another winter. Have you written Keenan in regard to the wagon?

I wish he would buy and give me the cash. I would get a black suit. I have not worn my blue. I don't care to as the others are all wearing black.

Charlie Stinson died quite suddenly last Friday, he took a strike of paralysis and only lived a few hours.

Strange your eye does not clear. It will in time. I was in to see John McNaughton, he is not any better, in fact worse. They gave him morphine every night.

Edith will be home about he 24th. I have not heard anything different about her going west. I think she and another teacher talked of going.

I think we better all pick up and go.

Flora has applied for work in the city. Her roommate got a school in Valleyfield.

Really, the Titanic accident is terrible, seems heart rending to read. I hope you will get the missing letter although there is nothing really important .

I have the address it is Brownlee Sask. In a branch coming out from Moose Jaw to Outlook.

Dr. Skinner's land is near Outlook. Skinner said he would write Herb when he got out west. I do think Herb should be near some of us. I feel quite anxious about him and that is one reason Edith thinks she should go.

He will likely write me soon now. Had a letter from Flora and Edith last week. I am writing Flora tonight.

With much love
Yours Margaret

Ps The Charter for the Easter Star has not been received yet. I will let you know when it does. M. Mailed your papers this week.

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