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Letter 74: Is he a Frenchman?

Cochran April 21, 1912

Dear Margaret,

Your letter of the18 received last evening and was pleased to get same and to hear that you were well.

The letter that you sent me with Herb's enclosed, I haven't received so far. I went last night to the town office and made inquiry but failed to find any trace of it. There are two men on the line by the name of Nicholson and likely it been sent to them. One is west of here and one east. Twice I have got their letters.

I hope I may get your letter with Herb's in as I would like to hear what he is doing.

So Mrs. King was as stiff as that with it, seems too bad that they take it so hard at you as you are not to blame for it.

Han does not feel like that to you, does she?

Have they sold the house or is it rented?

Now I wish you would be careful not to be around Florence's too much. If it's typhoid fever she has you know what a dreadful thing it is and catching. I think as catching as any disease altho some of the Drs. claim it is not.

See you get sleep and rest enough and that you take plenty of nourishment to keep well. Keep out as much as you can in the fresh air. Do not try to do too much work running between the both places. You know what it would mean to us all should anything like that take you.

I trust Grandma is as well as usual by this time.

When does Mrs. Skinner intend leaving for the west? Is Dr. Moffatt in Montreal still? He must be thinking of leaving soon.

Let me know what you think of Nicholson as a preacher when your write again.

I note what you said about the terrible boat accident. It is one of the worst I ever heard. With such a lot of important men to go down with it, that the country cannot afford to loose in a way but, I suppose, their places will be filled and in a short time they will not be missed.

I read of one pathetic case. Of man and wife from Montreal. She would not leave her husband: would rather perish with him than leave him on the boat.

I had letter from Marion this week said she was well and was telling me that Edith was talking about going West to teach for the summer months.

Have you heard anything about it - is there any one going that she knows?

Let me know about it if you know when you write.

What about your trip to Kingsbury, still off I suppose.

I see by the papers that the Quebec elections are on the 15 of May. Who are they opposing McKenzie with, this time.

Send me the Times if there is anything in it about the elections. I do not think they will let me go home to vote this time altho I would like to go and have a hand in it. If the Liberals were in power I certainly would be there but as I am situated holding down a government job it would not be wise for me to interfere in it.

Give me the news about it when you write again. I suppose Clayton will get water put in this gasoline again and likely his tires punctured by some of these terrible Liberals!

I had letter from Geo Alexander this week about Herb's insurance. I answered it saying that when I heard from Herb, I would write him.
I haven't heard from Herb since writing you last; wish he would write me oftener. I feel that I have almost lost him.

I suppose the snow is all gone in Richmond with nice clean streets. We have mud here to our knees; snow mostly gone but ice on the lake not enough to carry trains. Yet last night it snowed so this morning the ground is all covered with snow and nights are cold.

Is the man that took Rowatt's place a Frenchman? The name (Duboyce)sounds like one and what's his religion?

Mrs. Montgomery will not come near you at all now if she hears that they have typhoid fever at Pepplers. Has she been back since she brought back the nutmeg when I was home after Dan's death?

Now as I have asked you so many questions that you will hardly remember to answer them all so I will close.

By saying I am well eye is still a little more red than the other but feels all right. I am bothered lately with toothache, the one that I had filled and something has gone wrong with it.

Will close by trusting to get my usual Saturday letter from my best girl. Your loving and affectionate husband N. Nicholson

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