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Letter 73: For the Sake of A Little Money

1095 Greene Ave
Westmount Quebec
April 19, 1912

Dear Father,

I suppose you heard that I was unable to go home for the holidays.

I got through the time very well, considering Marion and Flora both had a very nice little holiday and it did them good.

I just got a letter from Mother this morning. What a time she is having between Florance and Grandma. If there is any work to be done they, of course ,will have to have Mother. I think they are perfectly dreadful, the things they have said and done. And all for the sake of a little money. I hope we shall never have to be so mean.

Only 5 weeks until we close. This year has gone by very quickly after all.

What a dreadful accident to the Titanic and such a great loss of life. It seems to have cast a gloom over every one. People can talk of nothing else. Mr. Hays will be a great loss to the Grand Trunk. There are to be memorial services in all the church on Sunday morning. A special one for Mrs. Hays in the American Presbyterian.

I think I shall go out to Macdonald tomorrow and see Flora.
Later Sunday Afternoon.

I went out to Macdonald on the 1.30 train and spent a pleasant afternoon. She is looking splendid and is to beautifully dug out there. It is an ideal spot. The ice has moved out of the Ottawa a little but not yet from the St. Lawrence.

I went to the memorial service in the American Presbyterian this morning. The front was draped with black. The pulpit with the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes. The service was very impressive . He is certainly well spoken of.

Today is anniversary service in St. Andrew's. Dr. Barclay is preaching.

It has been a beautiful Sunday, the warmest yet and getting so nice and dry.

How are things up North? What do you think of the coming elections in the province? Do you think Peter will have a hard run. Saw by the Record that Charlie Campbell started on a business trip to Winnipeg. M. Got your letter the other day.

Your loving Edith

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