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Letter 72: Was it not dreadful, the sinking of the Titanic

Richmond April 18, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 14th rec'd on Tuesday night. I get your letters always on that day.

You mentioned that one week you did not get letter from me. I wrote you that week. I certainly never missed a week in writing. It being Easter, mail it may have miscarried. You enquire at the post office.

In that letter I was telling you that Mother had a sick spell and while the girls were at home I would leave them alone and come up and sit up nights with her. Then she got a little better and Florence Peppler was taken sick, so I was sent for, so I stayed there five days, coming home occasionally to look after the house. Then they got Sarah Ewing last Monday As the Dr. said it was typhoid fever. She is getting on well and not hardly any temperature. Still I did not like to stay and was thankful that they got some one.

My special case was the Baby. Jack (Peppler) is still in Montreal but came home Friday and stayed until Wednesday. Then after he left. They asked me to come and sleep in the house which I did till this morning.

Bella sent for me that Grandma was worse. We had the DR. He says she is better but Grandma says the doctor is lying and says 'don't leave me alone' ; of course at that age its hard to say, so now I am at Bella's and will likely have to stay.

Today she wants us to send for Han. I don't know whether she will come or not. Han came up to stay with me the night after the sale but I was at Florences so she and SIS stayed at Miss Ramsey's.

She came to Florence's to see me. I went over the morning of the sale. Mrs. King was there she would not look at me and Sis was there. Would not speak so I went home as I did not think here was much that I wanted. She said things did not go very well. Clayton bought the coal.

Jack Peppler bought the spare room bedroom set.

Mrs. Skinner is visiting in Sherbrooke. She is coming back to Melbourne and starting from here to the West.

Rowatt (Notary) went the 5th of April. He is leaving his wife and family home for the summer.

The Crombies won't move (into Skinner house next door to Tighsolas) before June as they are doing so much repairing.

We are to have the Rev Nicholson next Sunday.

I have had a letter from the three girls last week. They were all well. Flora was looking well even better than Marion. I have not heard from Herb.Glad to hear your cold is better.

Yesterday the water came over the sidewalk downtown for a few hours but it went down and now it is turning cold so they think the flooding is over for this year

Oh was that not dreadful the sinking of the Titantic I saw Mr. Hays once this summer at the train at Richmond. Edith told me who he was. Now with much love,
Your Loving Wife
Margaret Nicholson

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