Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter 71: Summer School out West?

Tower Avenue,
April 13, 1912

Dear Father,

You will see by the heading that I am again in Montreal and mother will have told you that I was at home Easter.

Mother is busy but well. She had been with Grandma quite a lot and now I hear Florence Peppler is not well and she has been there.

Everything is much the same only the Skinners have left their house.

Flora came back the day after I did. She is well but not quite as fat as she was at Xmas.

Edith has, I suppose, told you that she was thinking of taking a summer school out West somewhere, that is if she can get one and there is a slight possibility that I might do the same if I can find a place for the two months.

Was in at Dr. Cleveland’s yesterday having a tooth filled. He was enquiring for you.

There was nothing doing at home except the talk of Uncle Dan’s will but mother has told you all about that I suppose.

Aunt Han gave them a great old calling down and does not want to have anything more to do with them.

I saw Aunt Sarah and Florence. They left the day after I got home.

There is not any more news so I will stop now and write later.

Rec’d your check all right and Flora is all right for this month. What about Herb’s insurance? I was going to speak to Geo Alexander when at home but thought perhaps I had better not as I had not heard back from you. Let me know: I can take it over all right without burdening myself. Now, I think this is all for now,


PS Am enclosing the take on the Liberals but think it should apply to the Cons don’t you.


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