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Letter 70: The Very Idea!

Thursday April 11, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 8th received Tuesday night - I look for them on that day.

Marion returned to the city Tuesday afternoon, Flora returned Wednesday afternoon. They both had a nice long holiday which I enjoyed very much. E. did not come.

We wrote to her every day and she wrote that Marion's young man had been very kind took her, taking her to the theatre so she was not too lonesome.

Grandma is feeling better. I was up this afternoon. Stayed three hours and had a talk of the will business.

Bella said Mother made her will the other day but she does not know what is in it. Tom Bushell and M. Cleveland are the witness and her money is in the bank.

While we were talking Clayton came in. He said they did keep Mother for nothing and that it was not a lie, though I told him mother paid her board. I said I always understood she did.

Well, I suppose you think you will get your pay now, I said.

They have it in for me. How I wish I did not have to go near them.

Han is having her sale the 16th, then she is going up to the farm. Sis is with her and looks black when I go over. Still I go and Han comes up here.

Marion wondered why you did not say anything about Herb's insurance. George Alexander called me up to ask. Said you told him there was a letter from Herb for you. I said I did not think it was an answer to the one you had written.

Marion thought of going to see George but did not like to tell you.

Am glad your cold is better. The ice is moving a little today. Still there is a cold wind. I have to make a fire in the furnace every day.

Crombie is busy with his chimney for the fire place. Mrs. Gawn has bought Fran Shaw's house in upper Melbourne.

The new notary is moving into the Sutherland's house. Mr. Rothney is staying in the Kelly house. Mrs. Skinner has gone to Melbourne. I do not miss them so much.

I sat up with grandma two nights last week. Now she does not need any one after Han's sale and if she keeps better I am really going out to Kingsbury for a few days.

As I now see things, Bella and Clayton have made most of the trouble for us among the friends just because they are jealous of us.

I have not heard anything about our lodge yet. (Order of the Eatern Star.) It may take some time.

What do you think of my office? Do you think I can manage it?

I paid water tax telephone and PO box rent and got a gallon of maple syrup from Fowler when the girls were here. It is very nice I wish you could have some now when it is new however there will be some when you come.

Now with much love Your wife Margaret
Write me what to say about the insurance
PS Write to W Keenan about your wagon. The very idea of McLennan writing you about a position. I wish you was a good as most people think.

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