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Letter 68: A Nice Change

Richmond April 4, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 31st with cheque enclosed received, will attend to the bills very soon. I was going to go out today but it was my day at home.

I had 10 callers. I had Marion and Flora to help me.

Marion came out Monday night on the late train. It was so stormy that I did not go to meet her. She came up in the bus. And last night Marion and I met Flora. She also came on the late train.

Flora is not quite so fat as she was at Xmas. Still she looks well.

They have until the 8th , will be a nice little change. They think Edith won't be out.

I had a letter from Herb this week. He has been transferred to new territory. Wrote from Moose Jaw. I will enclose the letter and you can send it back.

Marion seems quite willing to take the insurance policy.
Sarah (Currie, sister of Margaret) and Florence (the daughter) left yesterday at four PM. I went out to the train with them.

They did not stay here any nights last week so I went back to the Skinners again until Marion came but that is all over as they are leaving the house Saturday going to Melbourne for a while.

Crombie is going to make great changes.

He is putting in a fireplace in the sitting room.

Building outside and he had Wilson down last week. He is putting the hot water heating in and a cement cellar.

He said Dr. Skinner might be leaving his furniture in one room but since he left told Mr. Skinner that he wanted the things taken at once and that he would pay for storage. They are not pleased with him at all.

So they put some in the farm and with some to Melbourne. I've had a meeting to arrange the Eastern Star. Mr. John Watson is the patron, Mrs. Barrie the head of the Ladies. Mrs. Brant next then. I was elected Conductress. Mrs. McIver Treasurer, Mrs. Hall Secretary.

We had our meeting in the Oddfellows Hall. Strange the masons would not give their rooms. I heard it was McIver and Hill because they did not invite Hill.

This morning Bella called me up to say Mother was sick and that they had the Dr. So I went up. She seemed better. But I am going up again tonight. Dr. said it was her heart.

Yours with love Margaret Nicholson

PS The new notary is moving into the Sutherland house . Mr Rothney is staying in the Kellie house. Mr. Rowatt has gone to Montreal. We had Dr. Kellock preaching for the last Sunday. I will mail you papers tomorrow write soon.

Grandma is feeling better tonight, with love M.

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