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Letter 65: Illness, wills and much Ill will.

The business card of the good Frank Skinner, until this month, neighbour to Margaret, who dug her out after giant snowstorms and took the girls on car trips. The back of the card has an address written in pencil, JE Skinner, 546 5th avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

March 28th 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter received Tuesday night I am glad you arrived safely and that your eye is still improving.

Sorry your throat bothers you, do be careful and not take more cold.

I am looking for letters from the girls to say just when the are coming.

I think Marion will be Monday and will have ten days.

Aunt Christie and Uncle Alex (Watters of Kingsbury) were down this afternoon. She is no worse, only came to see the Dr. as her medicine was here. Sarah (Currie, sister from Ontario) is still here for the last three days, she has been at Bella's and has had a bad cold. She stayed most of last week with me. She talks of going next Monday. I think things would have been different had she not been here.

Han was up one evening and said she would come anytime but does not want to meet any of the others. I went down the other night. Sis looked black and walked out of the room. For that I am as well pleased.

(Sis is Han's sister, I imagine, who caused a scandal in the Nicholson's eyes by flirting with a married man border.)

Clayton sent a team down for Grandma's things and took the bedroom set. The one she had before she got Aunt Maggie's. She said if he wants it, take it. Then he took that enlarged picture of Dan's. Said Mother wanted it. Han says they are cruel and that she will keep away from them.

Well it is hard for one to keep away as Mother makes such a fuss so last Sunday after church in the eve I walked up with Sarah but Clayton was not speaking.

I must have said something to offend him. I don't care much. He said that they kept Grandma for ten years for nothing and that they would keep her if there was no money.

I don't know anything about what they did with the money.

I will keep away all I can. Dr. Skinner is starting to build his fire place.

Has Mr. Ross there and trains bringing bricks or stone so they will soon move out and give him the house.

(It appears Crombie has purchased Dr. Skinner's house, but wants a fireplace. Ironically, the Nicholsons pay the interest on their mortgage to Williamson and Crombie.)

Aunt Han said the notes would be all right. She wrote Herb. I also wrote and told how you were away and that I hoped he would write.

No, they did not refuse your note.

Grandma said she would rather have the money, so they were not offered any notes. Clayton said he could pay it in cash the next day which he did.

His was 300.00 but don't worry or think anything about it. It may be evil overruled with good. Just like Herb said, had he sold more of his business would have been better for him.

Do just what you think about taking the policy. The girls could manage it, a hundred dollars should not be dropped like that.

Use our own judgment about it.

I only went to church once. It was not a candidate who preached. I met Dan McDonald on the street. He seemed friendly. (Han was Johanna McEwen, but Norman refers to her as a MacDonald.)

I am invited to Mrs. W. Ewing's tomorrow afternoon. She is giving a tea for Mrs. Skinner. I was down at Mrs. Moffatt's yesterday; she was showing all the fine things she bought in the city: an extension suitcase cost 18 dollars wholesale. I also called to see Mrs. Rothney's baby boy.

I will write when I hear from the girls.

With much love to you your dear wife

Margaret Nicholson

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