Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 62: Clean and Comfortable

Ticket on Grand Trunk, March 1912. Norman's very likely, when he travelled back for Dan's funeral.


Thursday PM March 21, 1912

Dear Norman,

I received a letter from Edith last night saying they both had a nice visit with you at Mrs. Ellis's and said your eye was no worse. Seems a long time since you left.

And I have not even had a post card from you , but hope to get one tonight.

Well on Tuesday Sarah and Bella well down to Han's to ask why the business was not settled. Han thought they might wait till Mr. King came though they need not be in a hurry.

Well, Sarah or Bella said Mother feels that she is without a home.

Han got angry and gave them a terrible going over.

I might have been dragged into it but I had company come in and could not go. They thought if I did not go I was in league with Han and King so just before they went I told them that Han had written you asking us to take Grandma and that they would hear your answer from Han or King as I had given your letter to her.

The next morning Bella went to Rowatt's office and paid a dollar for a copy for the will when I told Bella about the offer she said has she power to say where she will go.

I said evidently or she would not ask. An hour after she got her copy Mr. King arrived came up to see me, telephoned to ask Rowatt if he would go up to Hills at 2 PM then telephoned Clayton to tell him to show you how much confidence they all have in us.

When I went into the sitting room to speak privately to them, King and Sarah were with me. She went up stairs, dressed herself and went up to Clayton's and I never heard her going out.

After King left I called upstairs, Sarah come down, you are to hear the will at last, but she was nowhere to be found. She had gone to say that some plan was being hatched.

Now does not that show them up. I told her straight of it, that there was no underhand work. Well, there was nothing in the will that Han could say where she would go and she said Mother said she would take money.

She did not want any 'notes' also they made out a cheque for her and Han signed it. Bella handed it to her said, "here is your money," she said.

I did not get the money.

She did not know what a cheque meant. Still they say she is so bright so Now Bella and Clayton have the money.

Bella said I made proposition to her and you can make yours.

I said if you made yours she very likely accepted to them in no need of mine. And now we made the offer we did not turn her down.

Now Clayton said such a piece of imposition Han to dictate where she would go, said she might send her to Pollie if she had the say.

These are the friends. So it is all right, let them have it all. The poor woman would have been clean and comfortable with us.

Han still has your notes and Herb's.

She will write Herb. She will write Herb. She said and will wait for yours. Said it would be all right."So endeth the first chapter" write soon but don't bother anything about I won't after this, we will pay our debts some time!

Had a letter from Flora,Yours with love Margaret

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