Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 57: My Sweet Pet

March 3, 1912

Cochrane, Ontario

Dear Margaret,

Yours of the 29th received yesterday. It always brings me near you, when I hear from you.

With such a nice long letter like the one I received yesterday. Do not think you can give me too much of a dose of that kind?

I am like Archie McNaughton in that respect, when he said "sugar" he likes it.

Was sorry to hear that Dan was not improving.

So they got him to make his will. Seems strange they did not call in Clayton as witness to it, but I suppose they ware afraid that he would repeat some of it - you know he cannot keep anything to himself.

But it shouldn't make any difference in their case as I do not think anyone was looking for anything out of it.

But had Dan died without a will - not having any children - his relations could claim his share of what there was. But now I suppose they have it fixed all right.

I hope they have provided for Grandma should she live longer then him. I think Dan would see that was done if he has as much sense as he used to have.

Should he be taken away? Where will she have him buried? Can't one of you try and pump him in a mild way, he might tell you where he would like to be buried.

She may take him to where her people are buried up on the side of the river, half way to Windsor. I would think likely he might like to be buried where his Father, Brother and Sister are, not where they have no family.

How is it that King is called in? . He must have been called by her. I am sure if I had been in Richmond, I would have been consulted in the matter, however it doesn't matter much if Grandma is provided for.

These MacDonalds are a peculiar sort, self conceited lot of Highlanders. Hard to make much of them.

You seem to be the one they all have so much to say about, but I wouldn't mind it. Just let them whistle it. They will all have to come to you in the end. I am with you, so you don't need to care.

Do not let these things bother you if you can, they are second considerations.

Bella says far more harsh things to her than you do.

So you have Sarah Currie (Margaret's sister from Sudbury, Ontario) in Richmond? See that you have her with you as much as you can; also Florence, I suppose, she is a big girl by this time.

I would like to see them both but fate seems to rule otherwise as they were in Richmond twice since I saw them.

How long are they going to stay? Remember me kindly to Sarah and the little girl, also tell her I wish to be remembered to Mr. Currie and the rest of the family at home.

When does Dr. Moffatt expect to leave. When he comes back from college? Did they sell their piano?

So you are going to give M and Mr. Carmichael a send off? Let me know the particulars when you write. Has Mr. Messier left Richmond yet?

I hope some English person will buy Dr. Skinner's house when does he leave for the west. Is Mrs. Skinner going with him?

I had letter from the three girls since writing you; they are all well. Flora was coming into the city to teach last week so Marion said. Haven't heard from Herb since writing you last.

After I got your photo I was writing to Marion and said I had got a photo of the best looking woman in Canada and when answering my letter she said 'didn't I think the offspring of that good looking lady were an improvement on the old stock?"

Marion has always something to say, when poked up.

I wish when you send my papers again that you would send me two cards of darning yarn, one grey for my underwear and one black for my stockings. And also a neck tie - just a cheap one that will wear well.

My whiskers wear through so quickly. They are very expensive here.

Do not send me a dear one as they do not last long. We are having fine weather here for the last week lots of sun.

Now my sweet pet, I am exhausted for news and will close, trusting to hear from you soon again this leaves me well. With very much love to you, our affectionate husband, N. Nicholson.

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