Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 55: I do not know much about farming

The Silver Plate
Govan, Saskatchewan
March 2, 1912

Dear Mother,

I am at least again going to answer your letters. Have been very busy lately and not home ever on Sundays.

Things are about as usual here except that the weather is much milder and also more pleasant. I am making up for time lost while the weather was cold.

I do not know what news I can give you.

I am glad to know that you are all well.

I am working for the company in sales now instead of collections. This quite a proposition for me as I do not know very much about farming or farm machinery but will have to try and hold down the job as long as I can and then look for something else.

I am writing Father today. They are keeping him on pretty well but it is too bad they have reduced his salary so much.

I expect to get some new territory to work likely to be farther west, probably in the main line of the CPR west of Moose Jaw as far as Maple Creek but will let you know as soon as I make the change. I may leave the Massey Harris people and go on with the DeHavel cream separation people. I think I can make a lot more money with them.

If I make the change, it will be the mid of this month.

Now, Mother, I will not write any more this time but will drop you some cards in a day or so.

Do you know I almost forgot for a minute about your photograph which was very very fine. I showed it to two or three of my new friends and they would not believe at first that it was my mother but later did as they said I looked like you a little no you can imagine how I felt complimented.

One of the party said it was too bad I did not look more like you. I have one of all the family and think very soon I will have to add my own to the collection. I have them all together showing them to another party who was visiting me in my room and he said that we went in very strong for good looks and this being the case I think I had better leave mine out and do as the conservative party says. Leave well enough alone. Hope uncle Dan and Grandmother and all the rest of our friends keep well. Now write again

Your loving Son

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