Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 54: Immense amounts of nerve strain

1095 Greene Ave
Westmount Quebec
March 3, 1912

Dear Mother,

I was very much surprised to see Jack last night, but had a feeling that something must be wrong. I had no idea Uncle Dan was so poorly.

I telephoned Marion as Jack did not get out here until about a quarter to nine. He said you had telegraphed father. Do you think he will come? There is so little one can do now.

How is poor Grandma and Aunt Han? Flora came in Friday night. I met her and we had supper in town. Then we went to Marion's as M was joining St. Andrew's, We went to the service.

Flora and M went to the rink. Saturday morning the three of us went out. F came back to dinner with me and stayed until rink time. I could not go as I was on duty. She stayed the night with Marion.

Sunday morning I met Hugh on my way to church so we went together and they showed us into a seat with Marion Flora and Mrs. Ellis.

That was a coincidence, don't you think so? Hugh came to the fair with us. He is very attentive to the family. M and he spent the evening (Monday) with me.

Yesterday we were in town and called to see Mr. C. (Cleveland.)

We are first beginning to prepare for a concert . Miss Leith and I have charge of the drills and dialogues so that means an immense amount and nerve strain.

As to Easter, I don't know anything as yet. Flora is looking forward, expects to have a week. I fancy she is a little lonesome at times.

One good thing about Macdonald is that they have to work so hard that there is little time for that.

Had a long letter from Father. Wants us to get something for Mrs. Skinner. What would you suggest?

Now be careful about yourself and don't do too much. You always seem to be the one that is looked upon to do everything.

I wish Father could come home for your sake. Just for a few days. With kind remembrances to all, and heaps of love,

From your loving Edith.

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