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Letter 51: I could not go out of the house

Richmond Feb 21, 1912


Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 15th received with cheque enclosed for $65.00 Also received your letter of the 18th. Glad to get it and all the kind thoughts for me.

You must not worry about me.I went to the bank Monday morning, then from there to the Town Office and paid the taxes. Connie was in the office; gave me a receipt for $54.00. She did not say anything about interest so I did not remind her.

While in the bank Mr. Rainback handed me this statement of the 19th and in last night's mail I received the other. He said he did not know your address, asked if I would send it to you. What does the 2% mean? I did not understand.

Then I paid my milk bill to Murphy, 99 cents and 18 cents for stipend. My butter bill I will pay Saturday so I will get on all right, for a while.

Dan went out for a little drive Tuesday. Bella got Pope's horse for an hour and took him around the town. (Woman can drive horse carriages, not cars.) The boys drive down to school so she can have it every day but yesterday he did not feel well enough to go.

I have been going two and three times a day and when Han goes down town I go to stay with him. Dr. Johnstone told Han that he found it was tubercular so she was terribly shocked! I told her she must not get discouraged so she will have something to think of with Sis's trouble.

Bella blames Han.

We all know Dan is irritable and hard to get in with. When I missed one day last week he would not speak to me. When I went in he asked me if I have been in Montreal. When Bella was taking Mother up he said "No, don't you take her. Let Maggie take her that is the place for her, meaning me". (Brother thinks Maggie should take care of Mother)

I do wish I was in Montreal. I would have a little peace.

I can't see how I could take her and make fires and wait on her. I could not go out of the house.

Tuesday Mrs. Fraser invited me down for the afternoon. While there J. R McLeod came by the house and as he did not find anyone in went over to Dan's.

Then he came back to the house. I was home. He was going to Three Rivers on the 8 15 train. When we were having tea your friend George Miller of Inverness called me up on the phone said he was passing through from Montreal. I asked him to come up but he said he did not think he had the time. He came in at 7 10 train so I said I would walk down as the Rev. J. R McLeod was taking that train . I asked how will I know you he said he wore a coat trimmed with Persian lamb collar and lamb cap and would be in the waiting room, so we met.

He's a very nice looking young man, seems neat. Said he would call some time. Mrs. J. R. McLeod has typhoid fever, has not been able to move to Levistown. JR said he would be there again in two weeks as the Presbytery meets. The union vote is not decided yet, have given them more time. He is anxious that every one should vote and they are slow on the uptake.

I did find January long but now it does look like spring and if you all keep well I will be happy and contented looking for the time when we can all be together again.
Jennie Wood came over stayed two days then I had Isabella Hill for two nights. All the rest of the time I stayed at Skinners; they are the people who has been kind to me.

Dr. is getting a green wood from Fred Gallup. $4.50 a cord. Wood said he thought the cord would likely be $4.25. I think we will have enough as the weather is getting mild so don't think I would bother with it what do you think?

I must tell you that my dog got badly bitten with another dog. I was going up to Bella's about 6pm last Friday when passing Cleveland's a black dog ran out at her. Before she noticed he pounced on her, tore the flesh on her hip near the tail two and ½ inches then on the side, took a piece right out about the size of a twenty five cent piece. I went into Bella's and she looked so back called the Vet. Lyster to come over. He put a stitch on. Then Clayton came down past Cleveland's with me the next day. I went down and told Jack McMorine about it - he told me to go to the Mayor A J Hudon, which I did. He notified them that the dog has to be kept muzzled or destroyed. The dog belongs to the Lysters who are boarding there. Mrs. Albert Lyster. She did not think the piece was out well. I said the Vet and Mr. Hill said it was. Now she did not offer to pay the vet. I think it would be right to ask her. I had Dr. Skinner look at her yesterday. He thinks they will heal in time but the sores look pretty bad, yet I have washed it with carbolic acid. Floss keeps licking them. Can you suggest any thing to do for it has made her sick! so I have her on diet - just milk and bread. I wrote Marion about it as she will be sorry. Miss Lyster came down said she would come again. It may leave scars that will take of her value.

Will send you papers this week hoping to hear soon again with much love

Your loving wife

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