Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 50: Cough so Hollow


Feb 15, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 11th received, sorry you worried any about me.

Well poor Dan is worse than ever!

They have had Dr. Johnston several times; he told them that he had bronchitis, so last night I met him in the street and asked him. He said "I think it is consumption. I will go up tomorrow and if he is not better I will tell his wife." I said I did not think he ought to. Well, he said, "I can't tell him and she ought to know ." Well, I said, she has not the least idea of anything like that. I went over this morning; he did not rest well, stayed til half past 11 and Han went to the market - you see he has been so long ailing. I Think he looks discouraged. He is always asking if you are coming. Thinks it strange they are working this cold weather. I said you did not say anything about coming. He has a cough that sounds so hollow and it tires him. Dr. said it might be slow but with so little strength how could he stand it if he is no better. I will have to go and stay nights. I supposed. Mother is still at Bella's. (Moved to stay with Sister.)She will stay there for a while. I will write you again Saturday say to how he is.

I did not manage to get my letter mailed as early in the week as usual. I hope you have it long ere this.

We had it very cold here Friday night and Saturday just about as you have it there.

I had a letter from Herb Saturday. He is well. Said he had not had letters from me as he had not been into Strassburg for three weeks but thought he would write.

He said they had had it very cold there, as low as -62.

Still he said there was more difference in the figures than in the cold.

Now while I think of it, you did leave your laced boots in the closet in your room. I thought you intended leaving them so did not say anything about them.

I heard from Edith Sunday, she had been out to see Flora Saturday. They are all well.

You will be sorry to hear that Sandy Stewart the jeweller died yesterday of pneumonia and is to be buried Friday. Funeral from the house. His wife is sick in bed with bronchitis.

Dr. Skinner went in to Montreal yesterday. I am staying there nights- I have been so well, not a cold this winter. This is the finest day since you left - so warm. Yes, as you say, we will soon be looking for spring. The days seem so much longer. No one comes down from Kingsbury this winter. Next time I get a cheque I will invest in some note paper.

I see Ed. Cleveland sitting out in his porch all muffled up. I hear that he is improving some. I have been taking milk from Murphy for a month.

He will soon be around with his bill. They have given another week for the ballots as Carmichael is very anxious that everyone should vote.

Yours with much love.


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