Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 49: Periodical Drunkard

Richmond Quebec
Feb 3, 1912

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

Was out at Flodden the other day and Walter Carruthers has been taking care of Archie's stock when Archie has been away in the hospital for treatment for his eyes. Walter as you know has been an engineer for CPR for years and then for the CNR and when working for this Company lost a foot. He is a periodical drunkard but will keep sober for months at a time. He wants a job for this summer and promised him I would write you and ask you to enquire of the contractors if they could place him on an engine this summer. If you could find a place for him on a contractor's engine he would be pleased and I feel he will keep sober for months if he has a job. But of course is liable to break out again some time. Hoping you will do this and let me know, I remain yours

W A Moffatt

All well here still working but will quit in a month or so.

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