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Letter 48: Forget what I look like


Jan 29, 1912

Dear Norman,

I thought I must write you today so tomorrow. It will by our anniversary and will mail you a photo as you might forget what I look like. Hope you will get it on the 30th. I only get them Sunday after church, so I am mailing them on the afternoon train. I think they are taken too large. However let me know what you think of them. I am going to send one to Herb and one to each of the girls.

I am still sleeping over at the Skinners and am very comfortable. Not anyone from Kingsbury has been to see me yet - William was at Dan's last Wednesday.

The Crombie deal has gone through. Dan thought William (Crombie.. the Nicholsons pay their mortgage to a Mr. Crombie) was rather tired. Grandma is keeping well. Dan seemed better for a few days but the last few days is quite down again. Sis is there again, she took tonsilitis in the city so Han sent for her.

(Margaret’s mother stays with her brother Dan and sister in law Han. Sis is Han’s sister and they had a boarder who was making goo goo eyes at Sis, all very scandalous.)

Bella and Clayton say that is what has upset Dan. I do wish she would keep away as he certainly wants to be kept a little cheerful. Han told me she would give him his choice: that Sis would come there or she would go up to her brother's and take care of her. So that was not very nice for a wife to do, you think?
I hear John McNaughton has sold his farm to Johnnie and is coming to Richmond as soon as they can get a house and Stewart will board with them. At present he is not able to move, has had another attack of heart disease.

You will see an account of the St. Andrew's Anniversary in paper I am sending. I did not go in the morning as Dr K was to preach. (Feuding with Dr. K.) Went to the congregational church. Went up on the evening to hear Mr. Nicholson…tonight we are to have an annual church meeting and will send you the report next time I write,

Yours with love

Margaret Nicholson

January 30th 1912

The Manufacturer's Life Insurance Policy
Head Office, Toronto Canada
Richmond Branch

GJ Alexander, District Manager,

N. Nicholson, Cochrane, Ontario

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

I was speaking with Mrs. Nicholson this afternoon, in regards to Herbert's policy he took out nine years ago.

Herb has paid 3 years on this policy and 10.00 on another year, five years have been advanced by the company.

The present year or ninth premium fell due on Jan 1 and the company will require at least 24 dollars in cash to keep the policy in force; this Herb has declined to do, and so as I was telling Mrs. Nicholson today, it seems too bad to allow this policy to drop.

The present indebtedness is about 290.00, then there is this year's premium which would make the total indebtedess 339.00

The policy was made payable to you as beneficiary and if you would like to keep this up yourself and pay it and become owner and beneficiary both, you could do so by Herb making the transfer to you.

With kind regards and hoping to hear from you promptly, GJ Alexander.
District Manager

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