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Letter 47: I am not lonesome

Margaret Nicholson 1912. Likely the photo she is referring to below

January 17, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours received. I am glad to hear that you are feeling well. This certainly has been a cold snap. I mailed you a letter from Herb. I also had one and I read yours.

He said he was called to Regina and was there ten days and it cost him a good deal.

Said had he known he was to be so long he could have bought a ticket home. Did not think the company would pay expenses there?

I wrote and told him about the way they had treated you and also reminded him of Dr. Moffatt asking for his address. (Margaret appears to know of Herb’s debt to Dr. Moffatt.)

So when you write you better mention it.

He said in his letter it might be a good thing for us all to go out to BC. as the Dr. said. (Dr. Moffat, who has been the victim of a stock market swindle is soon to move to Victoria.)

I am enclosing you a ballot to vote on church union. I am also sending one to Edith and Flora.

I asked Mr. Carmichael if it was all right to send one to you and the girls. He said, “Yes. All members and adherents.”

I read about all Dr. Scott has said against Union and he voiced just my sentiments.

The Kellocks are back, came a week ago in the severe weather. The latest topic is that Mr. Carmichael has had a call to Scarborrow Ontario. (Scarborough). It is nine miles east of Toronto, electric cars running from Toronto, so of course he will accept.

I suppose Dr. Kellock will expect to get some work, Kingsbury being vacant. (Margaret and Norman are feuding with Dr. Kelloch, a Minister who was associated with St. Francis College. Mrs. Kelloch would not speak to Margaret in 1909 at a church meeting.)

Now don't worry anything about me; it is only for a short time and I am not lonesome. Getting such nice letters is a pleasure!

I have decided not to board anyone and when it gets just a little warmer, I will stay at home and let Dr. S make the fires as he has offered to any time.
I want to go away for a little while.

Dr. Skinner is going into Montreal this week so I am sending Edith's dress in that I finished. I am staying there nights - they won't hear of me staying alone - Monday night it was so stormy that I would just stay at home; he called me up after ten o'clock and asked if I was alone when I said yes he said "Just come over" so I did and have not stayed alone.

Mrs. Skinner was in bed ten days with rheumatism but is up again. I am glad you get the Herald; you will see the news.

Mr. John Dunbar died Tuesday, funeral Thursday. Also old Mrs. Hand who used to live in Melbourne.

Dan does not seem to gain. He sits up in his room but does not seem to get his strength. Mother seems better, walks about upstairs. Seems stronger. Dan is still talking of having no wood and can't get any.

I told there was plenty wood, for you got all you wanted! I had a letter from Flora, one from Edith Saturday - Marion depends on Edith for news as she has not written.

The proofs came and I sent them to Edith to see what she thought of them (Pictures.) I did not think they made me very good-looking. I was in hope they would, however. I will let you know what the girls say about them.

With much love,

Your loving wife

Margaret Nicholson

Carmichael is Richmond's Minister: a post Dr. Kelloch held at the turn of the century.

Church Union:

I discovered among the Nicholson papers, a pamphlet published in the 20's about the Church Union debate... It starts out "In 1911 the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Canada asked for a vote of the people on the proposed union with Methodist and Congregationalist Churches. The result was 113,000 in favor of union and 50, 753 opposed to union, out of a total membership of 297,619. The Assembly in 1912 decided 'that in view of the extent of the minority opposed to union, it was unwise to proceed to consummate the union.'

In June 1912, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada adopted a legally binding statement in favor of church union. People wiped away tears and the Minister presiding spoke "We give praise to thee for the great and blessed event of the afternoon." Dr. Scott was the head of the Montreal Presbytery and editor of the church journal and the most conspicious opponent of Church Union. Somehow, he ended up getting his way.

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