Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 45: Prairie Wheat 1912

Loading Grain in Saskatchewan

The Strassburg Hotel
Sugatt and Arbo, proprietors

Strassburg Jan 7, 1912

Dear Father,

Was more than pleased to get your letter and must thank you for the Xmas present which is the best present I would wish for. (Paid Mason dues.) I never get my notice of meetings now so I did not know how much to send.

You are very fortunate to be having such mild weather. It turned cold here a day or two before Xmas and at times has been 45 and some say a low as 52 degrees below zero here. Today is considered a very mild day, only about 23 below. It makes it very bad in my line as the farmers cannot haul their grain and as a result I have not been able to do any business this year so far.

Do not know how long the company will want to pay my salary and expenses the way things are, although they seem well satisfied so far.

I suppose you see by the papers how serious the car shortage and terminal elevators blockade has become. It looks far worse to me than most people here are willing to admit and what makes it worse is the fact of so much of the crop being threshed after the snow and if it cannot be marketed before the soft weather in the spring.

The whole trouble is that the increased acreage each year in crop is more than the increased railway facilities are and will be for years to come.

In other words, they can put the crop in on new breaking faster than they can build railroads and the very way out of the difficulty is to ship our grain south.

Take down the American duties and you will see about twenty miles of railway built across the line instead of stopping at this time for no reason in the world.

It would be of course only a short build in each case and each one would be a new outlet in itself which with our own. It does not matter how many branches they build as there will only be one outlet and the more branch lines the greater will be the block as soon as they strike the main lines running to the terminals.

I tell you the defeat of Reciprocity was the worst thing that ever happened to all …even the manufacturers, as they are forcing a Depression on to the country and when that comes they will suffer like the rest and in the end it is bound to come.

Well, do not know of any news so will have to close. Am going to write this to you at home and should you be away mother will forward to you. Hope you are all well.

I am getting to fat I can barely move around, weight 187. Dinner ready so will close with love to all around and best wishes for 1912

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