Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 150: News of the wedding

A cheap wedding. These handmade place cards are likely fashioned by sister Flora. A wedding contract, executed on the same day, proves that Marion brought nothing to the marriage but her clothing and wedding gifts. Hugh would give her all household furnishings purchased from that date - and insurance benefits "by the simple fact of celebration of said marriage" - that is unless the couple separated for any reason, then "such donations will be deemed void."

J.W. Mclean,
Winthrop Avenue,

October 23, 1913

Dear Sir,

I received the Richmond Guardian and was very much interested in reading the news about your daughter's wedding. Reverend McLeod is a son of Murdoch, but who is the J R McLeod from Scottstown? I do not know him. Not much of the old people left.

The only one from the Gore living here is J D McNaughton. I get most of the Gore news from him.

Kindly remind me to all my friends. I will write to Alex Watters. I saw his name in the Guardian.

J W McLean.

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