Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 149: How generous she has been

The Mansions,

June 9,


Dear Mother,

Your welcome letter seemed a long time coming this week. Tuesday as you know was a holiday and coming at the first of the week seemed to make it longer than usual. I am amazed to think of you going to see a wedding.

I remember asking you many a time to go with me, but seeming there is to be one in the family, you are beginning to take notice. This morning Marion W and myself went to the Unitarian church to hear Grace Cross sing.

This afternoon Flora, May and myself went down to the Notre Dame Church to hear the organ. It is supposed to be the best in the city. Tonight we expect to hear Dr. Guthrie of St Andrew's Beaver Hall Hill.

Flora is very well.

I do wish Father would write Marion. Mr. Silver has offered her a first year class. You know how she worries. And Hugh of course is anxious to know what they are going to do as he has to look for a house. And Marion wants to get everything before she comes home so she will save a trip into here later.

On course, we will all be sorry to see her married in a way. But if it is to be, let her do it now. Flora and I are left to help. And perhaps we can in some part do as she has done.

I'm sure we should never forget how generous she has been to us all. And so ready to help.

I wish father would write her and give his full consent. Last night I saw there was a sale on a Morgan's. I was in at Wilder yesterday to look for rugs, but could not see anything. We will let you know as soon as possible. With heaps of love from your three dears,


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