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Letter 148: I am almost ashamed to write


June 13, 1913

Dear Marion,

I am almost ashamed to write to you at this late date after promising to write you after you wrote back from being home for the 24. I have been waiting to see if they would send me to go back, but now I think they will not at this late date. And besides, I am dead broke and do not know just what answer to give you.

Should you want my advice in the step you are thinking of taking would like to have something to give you a decent wedding but I am at my wits end to know what to do and do not want to stand in your way. So I am just telling you just where I stand.

I have some of Herbert's paper in the bank that comes due first of July and he does not seem to bother himself about it so you see I am held for it and it must be fixed up in some way with the bank.

It makes me feel so sad to think of him being away now nearly three years and hasn't sent one cent to pay any of the debts he left, when he writes always leaves it to me to look after it.

And besides I haven't earned anything for six months.

I cannot see what Herb does with his wages, it would appear to me that he must spend it foolishly in some way. Hope he has not contracted any bad habits. Do you girls write him or do you hear from him at all?

Now I am going to leave the matter in our own hand as I cannot address you what is
best to do. I have told you just where things stand with me so it may be a guide for you in your decision.

Hope you are all well and will be glad to see you all home soon. Mr and Mrs. Matheson and Irene has been with us for the last two days left at 10 am today for Sherbrooke and then for Montreal and home to Vancouver. Likely you will see them when in Montreal.

I think mother is writing to some of you tonight and what I have forgotten she may think of.

With much love to you all

Your affectionate father N Nicholson

PS I wrote Hugh some time ago and got his reply. You likely have heard of it. Kindly keep this letter under lock or destroy it. N

The letter was not destroyed. It was written with beautiful penmanship, not typical of his other letters, that were scrawled.

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