Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 144: No more good sleeps for me

The Mansions
466 Guy Street
Ap 29, 13

Dear Mother,

You see I am keeping my promise and doing a little letter writing.

We arrived here safely only about five minutes late. I like the place fine, of course, it will be rather crowded but we don't mind for so short a time.

We have got our suitcases and trunk unpacked and everything put away so we haven't been idle. Isn't it rather hard to believe?

Edith and Marion are getting ready for bed and as usual the old maid will be the last. I have been having a fine time playing with the furniture turning it from one thing to another.

Now don't go and work too hard even if Mrs. M. does ask you when you are going to commence housecleaning.

Just think of tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock. No more good sleeps for me. Edie says she is feeling all right. So don't worry about her.

Love to Father and yourself and dear old Floss

Lovingly Flora

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