Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 143: I thinks the folks have died

Edmonton, March 12, 1913

Dear Brother,

I received your letter of February 26 and was glad to hear from you and to know that you and your family are well.

Sorry to hear that Mistress Watters is sick, but she seems to be ailing most of the time.

I am much obliged to you for looking after my business back home. I don't hear from them very often.

You wanted my advice in regard to coming out West. Well, I think the West is ahead of the east in some ways but it has its drawbacks. If you want to go farming the frost and hailstorms is after you. I think if you want to come out west you best buy an excursion ticket and have a look at the country.

I wouldn't advise any person who has a comfortable home in the east to pull up stakes and come without considering it.

There is lots who made money out here in real estate but prices have got too high.

I never bought any lots but Charles has. I filed for homestead the first year I came out to Edmonton, but caught pneumonia and could not go out to prove on it so abandoned it in order to get my rights back.

Gordon bought a lot in Fort George BC, will be going out there soon.

We had wagons moving all winter in the city, there wasn't more than six or eight inches of snow. They had a fair bit north and south.

Building hasn't started doing much yet that is the principal industry in the city.

They have their money in tight, but will have to loosen up some if they do the building. They did last year. Write soon and give me the news. I think the folks are died since I went out west.

Your loving brother,


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