Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 142: And on the Sabbath, too

2401 Hutchison,
Sunday evening March 3, 1913

Dear Father,

This is just to a line enclosing you my check. Am glad you had a nice time in Boston. We were used in fine style.

We have had a very busy day here. Dr and Mrs. Skinner and Lloyd were here for dinner and I had some job cooking it. Aunt Christie had sent us in a chicken with Christina and I cooked it. Was rather scared as I had never done one before then they managed to eat it so perhaps it wasn't too bad. I also treated them to one of my apple pies. Tell mother I made three and on the Sabbath too and there is not a crumb left now so I think they must have been good.

George Miller came up and went to church with Flora and May. He seems to be quite a nice chap but of course not like Hughie. But not the old Hughie you had in the cards last Xmas.

Tell mother we got her letter on Sat and that I will look after the two delicate ones. Have been dosing them and they are almost alright now.

I think this is now much more than I intended to write so au revoir for this time from one of your best girls.


Another cryptic message. What cards is she talking about? Tarot cards or Christmas cards.

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