Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 141: Be ready to have him

2401 Hutchison, Friday Evening

Feb 14, 1913

Dear Father,

How is Boston? Hope you had a pleasant trip down. I am going to send you the answer that Edith got to my letter and you can return it or keep it safe, in case. Be ready to have him come whenever he comes.

The reason Edith did not come right in was that she had a cold but thinks she will be OK. By Sunday and I am getting Flora into bed by 9 o'clock tonight to see if we can't fix hers a bit. I will probably send you another wee not on Sunday.

Lovingly Marion

Hard to know what's going on, save that it has something to do with marriage arrangments. There were, apparently, some bumps in the road to matrimony.And a road block that had to be negotiated: Hugh's parents did not want the marriage.

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