Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 139: Topsy Turvey

Dear Father,

Just a line to wish you many happy returns of the eighth.

Sorry you will not get this on your birthday, but perhaps it will be better late than never.

How are you all in Rd? Nothing exciting going on, I suppose.

Hugh is here tonight as usual. I am really getting to like him quite well. I forget to ask you what you thought of him.

I have been quite busy since I got back with reports, etc but I am feeling better and am taking my medicine religiously.

Is Edith as funny as ever? We are having a fine time here with Aunt Christie to look after us. We certainly know to appreciate anyone after the time we had before Christmas. It was rather discouraging to come home at night and find everything topsy turvy.

Marion and I were in to see Isabel's piano tonight. It is fine.Three of the pupils I am teaching in the morning have been promoted so I feel quite elated.

Marion and Aunt Christie send their love to you all and wish you many happy returns.

Lovingly Flora
Jan 8, 1913

It was difficult for 4 'working girls' to find a place to live in 1910, in large part because people were suspicious of their activities. Marion likely found this apartment due to her connection with the McCoy Family. Once established in the house, the young women soon discovered that it was impossible to work and keep a house going. They needed someone their to keep the homefires burning.

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