Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 140: Delighted the lights are in

2401 Hutchison,
January 28, 1913

Dear Norman and Edith,

I arrived at 8:30. I gave my suitcase to Mrs. Skinner as they took a cab. Baby was very good on the train.

I took St. Denis car, transferred at Craig, came up to Bernard.

When I rang the doorbell I heard quite a noise; found they were all dressed up for the evening and having a little card party. I was ushered into the parlour.

Pauline Sutherland and Frank and Ross Cleveland (arrived) right after I got here.

Hugh came so we made two tables. Aunt Christie was in the midst of them with a grey silk waist and black silk skirt with a train, looking fine. Then they served refreshments,party broke up about 11:30.

Aunt Christie was up first this morning and made porridge.

I found Flora looking better than she did when at home. She was a whole week out of school and the Dr. came to the house twice, but now she is feeling much better and cheerful. Has taken one bottle of medicine.

She had a fresh egg for breakfast. She wore her velvet dress and it looks fine on her. No fault with it. Marion wants me to make her one.

She and Flora are invited to Mrs. Wiley's where Hugh boards Wednesday night and Thursday. Flora is invited to Dr. Cleveland's, a swell party for Paul.

Marion and Flora are delighted that the lights are in. They say they can hardly wait. They are so anxious to see them.

They were glad for the eggs and other things. If Uncle Alex brings butter you can bring it when you come. They were writing for some.

Aunt Christie and Flora sleep in the front bedroom, the two M's in the other and I all alone in the guest room.

They are all invited to Mrs. Ellis's to dinner tonight. M and F are going right from school.

Marion W is coming so Aunt Christie is going. I am the invited guest, so I will get my suitcase then.

Aunt Christie is starting to wash so after I mail this will help. I will call at the McCoy's then now take good care of yourself.

The girls say be sure and come here on your way to Boston.

Yours with Love Margaret

I found this envelope addressed in the drawer. Watson was saying that Father ought to take a trip west. Said you could get work in time there. M.

Mrs. Wiley was the person who first introduced Marion and Hugh,in May 1911, so it is logical that she knew Marion before hand.

Tighsolas, which means House of Light in Gaelic, became an official house of light this month, as Norman had electricity put it. It took the electrician 52 hours and he charged 86 dollars!

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