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Letter 137: Worse all the time

December 29, 1912

Dear Father,

Your letter to hand which I was glad to receive. Also Masonic and St. Andrew's lodge dues. Many chances to attend but do not for the reason that I do not think I am very well posted and of course am getting worse all the time.

I just yesterday got an invitation to attend a joint installation of officers of Craik and Lumsden Lodges at Lumsden tomorrow night. To have a big banquet after but I will not be able to attend as tomorrow I have to go to Bethune.

I am kind of sorry and also glad that the work has finished on the RY as you will be far more comfortable at home during the winter and it will be much nicer for Mother.

How are politics looking in the East? As near as I can make out by following the papers the East is coming back to Laurier.

His amendment to Borden's navy policy seems to taking very well.

The west is stronger than ever and with a fair representation after the redistribution but you would see any awful difference at Ottawa. I honestly believe that we will have an election next summer and that Laurier and the Liberals will again be in power.

Here in the West things are about the usual. Farmers have a lot of grain but the price is so low that in the end the farmer will only have the same amount of money and with the increased prices for everything else he is worse off than ordinarily.

The Eastern manufacturers, with Borden protecting them in the way of high tariffs, are getting pretty brave and charging just about anything; they like for what they have to sell and paying just what they like to the farmer for his produce.

Well, I am still a Grit as I think you will see and what is more I think without a doubt Laurier is the most farsighted politician in Canada and is at all times working in the interest of the country instead of working to satisfy individual greed.

In order for the whole country to prosper the West must develop and as soon as a depression strikes the West you will see factory after factory shut down in the east and employment will be scarce which is a sure sign of hard times.

What is more as soon as you fail to make this country attractive to the new settlers who comes in with a thousand or two you will see difference.

The cry over the whole country from the farmer is that there is not any money in raising grain at the present prices which I am sure is right. Farmers had to pay 3.00 and 3.50 for help this fall and there could not get it and for the reason that instead of the CPR having their farm labour excursion bringing men to Regina and Moss Jaw as they have always done before; they only sold tickets at the excursion rates to Winnipeg and just because Saskatchewan did not vote Tory.

We are having a lovely winter here over mild and not much snow. I suppose things in Richmond will be about the same.

I believe if you have a chance to sell that house for anything like what would seem a fair price I would do it and either come west or move to Montreal with the girls.

You will see by Mother's letter where I spent Christmas.

Tanguay says he knows you. He is a brother of NP Tanguay of Weedon. Has made a lot of money out here. Has 580 acres of nice land about a mile from the town of Craik that is worth 50 dollars an acre.

No more news so will close wishing you a Happy New Year


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