Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter 136: Able to manage fine, all right

2401 Hutchison Street
November 18, 1912

Dear Norman,

Yours of the 2nd received. You will see that I am still in the city. I was glad you got your coat.

Well, since getting your last letter I was thinking you might come any time now.

I am going home the 27th at the very latest. I was telling Marion I ought to go Saturday as there is an initiation at the Eastern Star and I promised to be there for it. I have missed the practices and two regular meetings. So I will not be up in my work.

This Mr. Blair seems very nice. Comes up quite often. You will see him when you get to Montreal. I like him very well.

Marion and I went to Stanley Church Yesterday. We did not see many that I knew. You will remember a student that spent time with us that winter you were at home. Donald McLeod. I went to a concert with the McCoys last week; he was one of the singers so I knew him and asked a man to bring him down to my seat. He did not know me at first but when I told him he said OH YES. Mr. McMillan gave me your address and I am going to call, so he came on Saturday evening. Had a pleasant time. He is quite a singer and plays the piano.

Marion and I were at Dr. Cleveland's for tea, last week. I am going to try and make a few calls this week before going home. Now, this is rather an short letter. I will make the cake (Christmas fruitcake?) as soon as I get home. The bread and other things will not take long. If you only get here safe and sound. The girls are going home for Xmas.

I hear from Edith every two days. She goes out a good deal. She say she is able to manage fine all right,

Yours with much love,


PS St. Andrew's is to be celebrated in Danville this year. Hope you will be here for that.

There are a few joining the Eastern Star on the 28th. So I will be there for that. Edith is going to join then, she writes me. She goes out a good deal. She says and is able to manage fine all right. Aunt Christie is coming in to stay with the girls for a while after Xmas. So she says. If you (come) before I go home , I would look at coats. M.

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