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Letter 135: We had a great talk

November 18, 1912

Dear Mother,

The two letters received and the silk came Saturday night. I think it is a lovely shade and certainly a great bargain.

Christina telephoned yesterday that she would not be able to stay down. So I was in despair as I went to Miss Ramsey and she could not even cut it for me. I was telling Florence and she recommended Miss Julien (Joe's daughter). So Esther went down and asked her this morning and she came up. She is very good and we got along splendidly.

The pattern fitted me exactly. She will be able to finish it tomorrow night. Bessie, Hattie and Christina were down today. They thought it lovely. Bess and C are going to come to the dance.

I must tell you that I sang a part in the anthem last night. Two or three said it was very nice. Grace Mc told Mr McCreary and he was so glad. He said today that I had made great improvement. You know he is not much at compliments so I was very much encouraged. Of course I have practiced 3 and 4 hours sometimes more all last week so it ought to count for something.

Edith Peppler is still staying with me.

Mr. McMillan came up after church last night and we had a great talk. He was a classmate of Isabel McCoy's. Said to ask her if he remembered a picnic at Dixie and going carolling. He was greatly pleased to hear about her. Said what a nice girl, so pleasant. Did not know she was married.

You know he is anxious to talk about Miss C. So Wednesday night after prayer meeting I walked to the mail with him. I asked him about Miss C's father and he said he was in the customs. So you see we are getting things down to a very fine point. I asked him is Mrs. C was anxious to see Richmond and if she was coming out. He said he would love to have her but could not of course ask her to the manse. So then I said you had spoken of having her out. Oh he was delighted. Thought it was so kind of you. Said Miss C thought you were so nice and said she would not mind coming to R after meeting you.

Now I am to go into the Eastern Star on November 28th. Mrs. Barrie wants you to be home in time for a special practice. And to let her know so she can arrange Tuesday night. So be sure and let me know so I can tell her. They have had one practice already. Miss Feely took your part. The officers are to be in white but it is not necessary to wear the white shoes.

Miss Sparrow was up this afternoon to see my dress. She was so frightened I might not get it done in time. Thought patterns and cloth were lovely. If I look well thanks to you and Marion and Flora for the trouble you took to get the things.

So glad that father is coming soon. It can't be too soon. I must close as it is late. Edith P. is sleeping soundly.
Your loving Edith.

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